Family Violence Prevention Month

November is Family Violence Prevention Month 

Premier Brian Gallant signed a declaration marking November as Family Violence Prevention Month in New Brunswick. Family violence is a serious societal issue that does not discriminate; it affects our children, friends, and colleagues and is often experienced behind closed doors. From left: Rebecca Francis, Executive Director, Fergusson Foundation, Premier Brian Gallant, Tim McCluskey, President,  Fergusson Foundation 

“We must all work together to end violence against women,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “While we collectively work to stop violence against women, our government will continue to work with community partners such as the Fergusson Foundation to support those who are affected by family violence.”

The family is held by our society to be secure, supportive, and caring. Yet, according to Statistics Canada, when three in ten Canadians report maltreatment before the age of 15, there are too many who don’t experience family in this way,” said Fergusson Foundation President Tim McCluskey. “Family Violence targets the most vulnerable. Our roll must be to support its victims, but also to understand and target the societal causes of family violence in a practical way that will finally break the cycle. Only then will society establish the family condition we all desire.”

Each year, the Fergusson Foundation appeals to New Brunswickers to recognize November as Family Violence Prevention Month. The Fergusson Foundation is a national charity, founded in 1985, that has been committed to being a catalyst for the prevention and elimination of family violence for more than 30 years. We work to end cycle of family violence by increasing the awareness and understanding of its complexity, through: encouraging open dialogue, funding research into the causes and forms of family violence, promoting educational programs and supporting organizations providing services to those impacted by violence and abuse.


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