Introducing the Alèx Thomas Carleton Grant

To honour the outstanding contributions made by David Parkinson and Alèx Thomas Carleton to the both the Fergusson Foundation and the prevention and elimination of family violence, the Foundation will create a special additional grant in their name.

In addition to the Fergusson Foundation’s regular 2018 grants, one organization will be eligible to receive the Fergusson Foundation’s new Alèx Thomas Carleton Grant.

This grant will be awarded to an organization whose project aims to assist current or former partners, family members or friends, in supporting survivors of family violence.

*Please note eligibility requirements, application, obligations and selection process are the same as regular Fergusson Foundation Grants. Contact the Fergusson Foundation for more details.

Testimonial! Testimonial!

You can recognise survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward...